Sunday, April 23, 2017

Stockton Duathlon 2017

2:37:17 PB

Run 1 - 52:04 (220,34,4)
T1 - 1:00
Bike - 1:13:15 (206, 27, 2nd)
T2 - 1:17
Run 2 - 25:03 (216,32,3rd)

196th Overall / 263
3/11 FV40
28th Female / 62

Thanks to the wonderful team at Trihard who offer their pics free of charge, this race can be shared in photos.

Enjoying being with a group on the first run
Coming over the Millenium bridge on the second lap of the first run. I hate riding without gloves so decided to save transition time by wearing them all the way through.

So many of my older trihard photos are of me being chased.  Instead, here's me being lapped by someone!

There's always one photo of me eating.
Frustrating.  I was trying so hard to run past the photographer with good form.  Also I think I am now one of the undead as I seem to have lost my shadow...  or am I blending in with the railings?  Perhaps I was just running so fast?
There's no finish like a successful sprint finish.  Unfortunately for this guy, the sun was behind us and - as he still has a shadow - I saw him make his move when he was quite a way behind.  If I have anything left in me, there's not much that can pass me when I put my long stride on #lankybeatch

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