Saturday, April 01, 2017

Stanley & his Plan

Commitment What do I need for the job
ownership Essential Significant Desireable
responsibilty Brakes issue sorted Time More physio
excellence Challenges
Hurdles Barriers  Pitfalls
Need to get faster Have to train Unwell Focus on what you can do Work stress Keep handing things over
Need to slim down Have to eat sensibly Injured Focus on what you can do Work stress Cut negative conversations short
Need faster transition  Ride without gloves Work time Manage hours  Focus on your own work
Nowhere to stay Need to book the camp Ignore others chimps
We have a new training plan.  If I stick to it as best I can I will be as successful as I can be. Foundation stones
We have more rest stops and more specific intensity than before Target Goals Maintenance Goals
Before, we put too much emphasis on following a heavy workload without rest or fun weight 60kg Completions at 80-90%
We are doing more bike miles for fun, more fast running. We can enjoy shorter swimming 27/07/2017 AdH 2 weekly sessions swim bike run
We have rescheduled the plan to start from where we are now - a little behind on swimming. 23/04/2017 Stockton 52, 1:14, 25 120km bike strength every day
We have learned new strength exercises which really improve running and cycling 21/05/2017 Slateman 12 or 24, 2,1:15 18km run
We have a route plotted out that we can repeat for successful bike training. 04/06/2017 Chester 30,1:20,50 1 mile swim
We started working towards lifting weights.  Now we can put it into action. 02/07/2017 Ripon 29:30,1:15,47 21 mile run
I'm going to return to training to get faster
I'm going to eat properly to slim down.  I will go shopping for healthy fruit and veg and eat good food at work, not bad.  Daily salad box walks are in.  I will leave my waterproof trousers at work.
I will just have to put up without cake for a  while.
I'm going to learn to love fruit and tea again and I'm going to have the occasional small glass of wine. Planning for excuses
I will manage my injuries and illness and continue to do what I can while I recover work's too important devolving opportunity to others
I will start listening for my "go home from work" alarm and adjust it if I get into work late Too tired Control your hours - get to go home
I will continue to hand over work tasks to colleagues.  Opportunity sharing!. hunger/boredom Get a walk outside
I will cut negative conversations short - even my own and focus on my work priorities. resting in a sulk use the time to meditate

I will listen to others Chimps and then manage them.
It won't matter if I don't hit my target times.  I would like to feel like I've done really well, however I do.
If I put the training into AdH I will come out of it better than I did Kielder because I won't have a silly swim to contend with.
I will have the great training rides as outcomes for future reference
How do I deal with not meeting goals and targets?    I'm likely to sulk.   But nowadays I'm taking my chimp out on some silly long rides that will help it stay worn out and motivated by endeavours and adventure
I will measure progress by metres climbed as well as distances ridden but I do need to keep doing the miles.
How do I encourage those miles? I can work on a balance of long miles and heavy weights sessions.  The diversity of the two should bring results - new approach
I'm going to keep the philosophy of not saying no to things I want to do because it makes me a better athlete and a happier person and I surprise myself.
I'm going to post all of these and highlight my top motivators and post them on my desk and bedside drawer.
Want to give up? Outcomes / Weaknesses
Why do you want to give up Success Complacency - forgetting the effort
Can you change anything before you give up? Fear of being unable to repeat
Can you find a different approach? Accept post-race blues & plan the celebration
Who have you talked it through with?
What are the advantages to giving up your dream? Part-success Acknowledge and celebrate partial success but continue to encourage the chimp
What are the disadvantages to giving up your dream?
What are you going to do when you stop? Failure Get perspective
Stages of grief.
Helping to stay committed Denial
Time management Yearning to hit the reset button
Work effectively Bargaining (if only)
Prioritise and don't get distracted Anger or seeking explanation
Do one thing at a time Disorganisation - acceptance and depression
Avoid negative people Reorganisation - make plans to move on.
Listen to / seek advice
Don't be indecisive, it takes up too much energy.
If you lose motivation, say, "fine, let's not do this".  You'll soon be back at it.  Give the chimp space to shout.

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