Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Ride - Solo


Yorkshire Bridge

Hope and the Adventure Cafe for tea and scone... and cream and jam.

Fought to get to Mam Nick.  Elderly lady plus dog suggested I ride the other way.  Blown up Mam Nick - feel like I cheated.

Feign wobble along Rushup edge to discourage motorists passing too close in the wind.

Put on a sprint to set off down Winnats ahead of all remaining motorists.  Rewarded with having the descent to myself until well after the bottom cattle grid.  Small cheer.

Turn up Pindale.

Can't face the headwind again at the top so turn down the quarry instead which is steeper and rockier than steep can be.

Spat out back in Hope and rejoin main road all the way to Hathersage.





Total 72 real km. 1259m climbing. 201km effort kms.

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