Tuesday, September 27, 2016

End of season ponderings

Although it's the start of the cyclo-cross season, the 3 Peaks cyclo-cross falls more comfortably into the end of the triathlon season than into the beginning of 'cross.  It's a multidiscipline race of riding and running (with weather-dependent swimming) which is definitely an endurance event rather than a speedy 40 minutes of hell.

My warm-down from triathlon was the Torino Nice Rally (more to come) and then the Peaks naturally tagged onto the end of that.  As a result, I now feel like I can declare tri season over.

Before the Peaks I had already planned what I'm aiming for next year (qualification for the worlds team in 2018) and I am also debating whether I can fit another project legitimately into that plan... but that's also for another time...  I have registered for two worlds qualifying races and may sneak a third one in.  I also have registered a Euro's one too just in case but this does clash with the other plan so that's why that's for another time.  I'm trying to avoid planning for next year's tri season too soon so I don't burn out but I'm so looking forwards to it I can hardly help myself.

This has been exascerbated by...

A conversation in the pub last night

How interesting it is working with a coach. An archery coach but still, interesting talking to someone trained in the development of self belief. I am due to spend the next 3 days with the guy in a hazop and after the weekend he has spent at a coaching conference I am about sure that he will spend the rest of this week psycho analysing us.

Tonight after a long discussion about my tri year and targets for next I disclosed that I am not very good at triathlon, I just love it.  He laughed at me and said, "did you just hear yourself?"  Yep, I suppose I have to work on that self-belief thing but to be honest, I'm just not arrogant enough to go around boasting about how good I am and there's plenty of people to point out that I'm regularly beaten by a lot of people who - dont' want to / can't be bothered to / can't afford to / don't see the point in - registering for their national team.  I am just passionate about what I do.

But it's not that I don't think this qualifying year is doable or that I can't get the times, I just know how much effort it will take and that's the bit I am not sure I can sustain.  That prompted an interesting question - Do I fail because I don't try? or do I stop trying because I think I am going to fail and therefore there's no point trying?

An email in my inbox

Tonight an email in my inbox has invited me to write a list of 5 to 12 things that I need to change about next year's training to be successful.  It's a good plan and one that I should take on because things are occurring to me all the time.  It's a tough one because when I do well it's usually down to an unstructured approach and a life filled with wonderful events and experiences - most entered or even just concocted on the spur of the moment.

I know the things that do work and I need to do more of them.  I also have a plan of how to achieve the time that I need to meet and so all this needs to go down on paper. 

This blog is probably the place for it but right now it's a tiny list and it's one  that needs more thought - not scribbling down now on an empty belly but it will be done... probably after I've eaten some food.  One thing that will go on it though is self belief because, in a world where people tell you that what you're doing isn't worthwhile or good enough far too often, it's healthy to have a bit of "I can do this" in your life.

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