Friday, March 11, 2016

Training Through the Tired

Yesterday morning I was so tired I thought I might start early in the 3days / 2days training rotation I am planning later this year, giving me 2 rest days a week, not one.

I packed some stuff for training, regardless - running and swimming kit and got in the car to go to work.

I felt like going for a swim! Still only 7:15 so I turned right at the lights instead, fought my way through 8x6 length sets (I needed every break), battled with foot and calf cramp for the last few laps, then arrived at work at 9:15.

On a day that starts this way there needs to be yoga at lunch. I intended for it to be a lying down session and managed more stillness than usual but I am still playing with my new found flexibility so it wasn't completely restful.

Back home at a relatively early hour I indulged in the pleasure of riding my new bike on the rollers for a measly 45 minutes. An easy ride (yesss!) So zone 1 only, good music, singing. I ate curry prepared by my lovely husband and went to bed happy with the alarm off knowing I have 1 ride to do this week before the weekend.

Today I was awake at 5:45. Starving hungry. A hunger you can't ignore and go back to bed so I am filled with toast and wondering, wondering... dare I do that run now?

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