Saturday, January 30, 2016

In the water... again

So on Friday I swam.

I concluded that there's no point pushing myself to ride and swim yet.  Last week proved that I can't do both with any fluidity so for now I will drive to the pool, drive to work (maybe squeeze in a run at lunchtime - although I didn't manage it today) and then drive home.

I planned to be up early and at the pool by 7.  In fact, kittens came and knocked n the door at 5am and woke us all up. I had an unusually relaxing breakfast, drove to the pool at a leisurely pace, walked in the door with the 7am queue and got in the fast lane this time.

There weren't many in the fast lane - 4 people?  I slotted in at the back and swam my 3 x 10 lengths with some semblance of form although I had to slow my stroke timer down by 1 stroke per minute since I've been out of the water for over a week.

I had my toes tickled and got passed a few times but there was no stress and I got out before everyone else and was showered and in the car on the way to work by 8am.  I could have managed another 10 but then we're all about consistency.  Traffic at 8am was sooooooo light.

I didn't manage to run because I went to the pub with my colleagues.  Sometimes it's nice to do this and we have a really good laugh.  This time, although it was nice, I would have actually rather been running.

My grad-boy left at 2:30 because his sister was ill and the family were all going over to see her.  I stayed until 5 when I realised I had to go to Meadowhall so wasted the last hours of rush hour doing laps of the mall and spending too much money but hey...

As a consequence, the drive home was a dream.  I literally flopped into TSK after unpacking my shopping and enjoyed knitting and then bed.  It feels like a fitting end to my rest and recovery from this horrible chesty cough.  It's not completely gone but I do feel better.  The swim made me sneeze because of the chlorinated water and nothing else.  I felt like the run.

I'm fell racing on Sunday so I'm not even sure what to do with my Saturday.  It's longer than I've run in a while and I'm very nervous about finishing it as I don't really have any mountain legs yet either.  In the same vein as last year, I might file this weekend under "whatever I feel like".  It's the end of January tomorrow.  It's time for this year to wake up.

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