Thursday, January 28, 2016

Back on the bike... again

I still hadn't got over the cough that's been plaguing me since December when I raced the 'cross champs 2 weeks ago... when, last week, someone brought me a new cough.

I fell properly ill again but soldiered through at work because I had important deadlines to meet and things were there to be figured out.

If nothing else, I decided to give the ironman training a break for a week so I stopped riding to work, stopped swimming, stopped running.  Just kept up the yoga.  The last thing I did was ride home from work last Wednesday after a lunctime run.

In all honesty say that it didn't seem to help in the slightest.  I went to the hospital for a chest x-ray on Thursday and they told me the results wouldn't be in for a week.

I have new running shoes to train in and no incentive to run in them.  My lungs hurt.  I keep putting it off but nothing is improving.

So yesterday, in a fit of fed uppedness, I resolved to pack for swimming and ride to work.

I rode to work in the sunshine drafting a lady on a carbon bike. Had to work hard to keep with her as I was on Lovely - a steel bike with panniers - but I had the best time riding the white lines to stay in the sweet spot behind her. On the way home I watched a lady on a bike trying to ride through the Arts Tower carpark with an A1 portfolio file. Talk about a cheap hang-glider.

OK, OK, the swimming didn't happen so I got really good practice at riding home from work with all my kit.  It was windy and wet and I didn't enjoy a moment of it.  It was hard but it wasn't cold.  I was depressed but I wasn't captivated.  For once, riding was just miserable.  It may have something to do with bits of my commute being closed and poorly signed but whatever it is, at least I am back on the bike.

I have one day of this week left but I think I might try and swim and run with it tomorrow and you know what, after all the effort I've put in this week, I don't care how late I am for work.  At least then I have covered all the bases of triathlon... and my grad will have an easy start to the day.  I think at least one person really loves it when I get to work at my normal time.

Then it will be Friday evening and my toys have arrived from the ski tuning shop and so for once, I will be repairing bases and waxing skis in the comfort of my loft on a decent set of clamps and not just balancing the planks on my otherwise under-utilised text books and swearing.  Life is looking good.

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