Thursday, October 08, 2015

Surprises Part 4

I got home from work desperate for a ride but not really into it.

Opened the sock drawer and pulled out the green socks that go with my mountain bike.  Instantly knew I wanted to ride my mountain bike.

First surprise - the front brakes don't work after 8 months of being damaged and left to wilt in front of the radiator.

Second surprise - I forgot my way around Rivelin Valley paths and did some silly loops

Third surprise - having most of the valley to myself on an evening like this.

Fourth - finding a stranded cyclo-cross rider fixing a puncture in the darkness.  I pinned his number on his jersey on Sunday.

Fifth - riding down a bridlepath (on one brake) and ducking to avoid the owl reeling overhead.

Sixth - how long you can ride when you didn't expect to enjoy it but you are and how good the shower feels afterwards.

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