Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 6 End

Wow, yes that was some proper ironman running.  I was completely in the zone (pace: slow, heartrate: fast zone).  And my belly button is now pink and chaffey in colour.  In answer to the question, "do 2 x 8 mile runs = 1 x 16 mile run if they have an 8-hour working day in the middle?", I say, "Hell yes"... at least it fucking feels like it.

When I got to the city centre I started to walk since I promised myself a walk up the hill.  Then I checked my watch and realised I'd done a half marathon.  I wanted to do better than that so I started running again.

That kind of stuck until there was too much pedestrian traffic to negotiate and by that I mean, if one more lanky blonde student boy walks straight into me because he's not looking where he's going someone is going to get a black eye and it's not me because I will be lying on top of the student, sleeping.

Once I was past the university the traffic eased and I managed to keep running again.  Just fast enough to keep passing people who were walking and that was very important to me.

By the time I got to Walkley I wasn't really looking forwards to the feeling of that last downhill... and the first downhill in over 12 hours but it all went surprisingly well and I even managed the final struggle over into the Rivelin valley at a reasonable pace and without even a wince.  Time to recover for the next 5 days.

And so endeth week 6 - when it's hard to see past the nose of your goggles to the tips of your tri-bars.

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