Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Crash test dummy

So today I was supposed to be training.  The first day of training for the next 14 weeks leading up to the cyclo-cross nationals and the first day of a 4 week programme where I have promised myself I will get out on the road with my club again (and not be a complete embarrassment).

Instead I am creeping around the house like a half-crushed insect having crashed phoenix sideways into the ground at Temple Newsam this weekend.

My first lap time was 12 minutes when I crashed, my second, 10:20, 10:36 when I decided to stop and pick up my Garmin off phoenix who was lying in the pits and then finally 10:04 and 10:17 when I actually got moving.  I still wouldn't be able to beat my arch rival with those times (although she didn't do the 3 Peaks) so I really want to get back on my bike.

At least I managed to find a comfortable position to sleep in last night and am feeling better.  I probably shouldn't but I really am toying with the idea of riding to work today... just to get moving again you understand.

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