Saturday, May 11, 2013

Race Day Excitement

It's been over two months since my last race, the Derwent Duathlon.  I've tried to refrain from doing short fast races so that I can focus on my long training but I do miss it.  I missed out on the MTB triathlon I entered this year due to illness.  Probably a relief since my mountain bike is super-heavy.  Tomorrow though, it is Hell on the Hills.

A number of other factors have contributed to me having a big fat rest week this week.  Not the good kind of rest week (lots of work and absolutely no training) but at least I have walked about 5 miles on site every day.  It's back to being the old me of boom and bust training but it does at least feel good to be looking a race day in the face feeling rested and refreshed.

With it being only a duathlon, I have all day to get a pair of cycling shoes and helmet into a box and away I go, packing done.

The rest of today should be spent actually going for a swim but having got myself dressed I am struggling to leave the house.

I have found lots of things to put in the charity box to declutter for the impending house move (fingers crossed etc.).  Distraction is the name of the game in this house today.

There's a strong likelihood that you might find I am knitting again.

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