Thursday, May 30, 2013

An odd day of indoor training, friends and a beautiful Welsh hotel.

I started today with a session on the bike on the rollers.  It wasn't a particularly bad day this morning, I just had the urge to do something in a controlled environment.

As soon has TSK had gone to work (so I didn't get in his way) I set the rollers down and put on the tunes.  I couldn't find the heart rate monitor so resorted to using the soft strap I bought about 8 months ago the last time I thought I'd lost the HRM.   It was really quite plush and I wished I'd been wearing it for the last 8 months.

I felt a bit twitchy at first but once I'd settled in, I got cocky and decided to try out the tri bars.  It was an outrageous disaster.  However I did discover that you really can't hurt yourself that badly if you fall off rollers.  I have heard descriptions / seen videos of people catapulting off rollers but I just seemed to slither slowly off the edge of the roller then come to a gentle standstill, leaning on the sofa or the wall.  I suppose I am an elegant crasher.

It perturbed me that I was so unstable on my tri bars and noticed that my knees were flailing all over the place - almost like I was trying not to bang them on my elbows.  That's exactly what I was trying not to do so I set about playing with my bike set-up, realising that I'd never really tightened the seat post clamp properly in Wales so the saddle had gradually been sliding down.  I finally tuned things so I could ride reasonably smoothly whilst staring at a lump on the living room door.  An hour later I was banging out a steady rhythm and not even noticing a wobble.  Success.

Lunch was a tasty affair comprising pasta and left overs although my attempt at feta cheese went badly, leaving me with indigestion which has lasted all day.  A brief foray into the office for paperwork and to ditch some valves that have been following me around in my car for weeks.  I stopped in at Chester to visit friends before their lives are turned upside down by three adopted children arriving next week.

I've decided to try a different hotel tonight, passing the site and heading for the Beaches Hotel in Prestatyn.  Right next to the Pontins, it's a fairly standard 1960s beach hotel but what it lacks in expensive furnishings and desireable bathrooms suites, it makes up for in glorious ocean views and comfortable beds.  I wonder why I've been wasting my time at the other hotel then realise that there's only one vegetarian option which I don't really fancy.    Given my ongoing indegestion, I cram in some evil duck.  At least it will keep me warm for my swim in the morning.

This is a plan which might not yet come to fruition.  I fear the sea may look slightly less attractive when the sun is not slithering into it but actually facing the prospect of 5am temperatures.  Still it's nice to think I might make it, having dragged my wetsuit all the way here.

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