Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 1st Trunce (No 2)

I missed the first Trunce of 2012 because of my stoopid job but resolved to do the second, despite the fact that I had done the Hell on Th'Ills Duathlon the day before.

I thought a ride there from Barnsley station would do me good but that only seemed to make my legs stiffer as they were out in the cold.  By the time I got there, I was making deals with myself that if I got there before 6:30 I would run so I didn't have to rush around and risk injury.

I got there at 6:23 and damned myself for doing so.

I jogged up the first hill and talked on the way down.  Because I hadn't brought dry socks or my fell shoes I resorted to the stepping stones for the river crossing which only lost me a few places I quickly regained.

I walked up the steep hill through the woods but ran my normal descent because the going was good under foot.

The second river crossing I did on stepping stones but I enjoyed the flat running sections this time because I managed to keep my place.

The final river crossing was a bit hairy and the ascent even worse as all the other runners had made the surface wet and slippery.

I knew my legs were a mess when I reached the final downhill but I managed to keep my place, in spite of stopping to fasten my shoe laces.

I crossed the line in 42 minutes.  Could do better, but I'm not sure I could with a duathlon in my legs.

The ride home to sheffield took me 1 hour.  For 9 miles.  Atrocious!

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