Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Home

Only 24 hours until I move into my new house. I lay awake last night totally unable to sleep for imagining my limited furniture in the new spaces, my kitchen accoutrements on counter tops and the window sill, unhindered by other peoples' things.

In the bathroom, my towels are already folded away in the cupboards of my imagination and the bed is already assembled in the big bedroom with fresh sheets and new curtains hanging in the window.

Of course there's a temporary phase in between me collecting the keys tomorrow and Andrew finishing work on Friday and helping me move the heavy stuff.

In this interim period, the vanu will be stripped of its matress and I will set up camp in my new loft room for one night only so that on Thursday night we can enjoy a pre-planned night out in Sheffield combined with the new wobble home back from town in big woolly coats and hats.

We will return to our new cosy house, turn on the soft lights and stare at its freshly decorated walls with the satisfaction that we are home and the toaster is downstairs for breakfast and for my last day at work in Rotherham I will ride to work from Sheffield. It was always the plan but somehow I got lost along the way.

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