Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another day in the life of moving

It’s been a bad day for this mover. The novelty of moving has worn off as the old house starts to seem further and further away and I return to the new home with the epic adventure ahead of finding a new place for all of our stuff and putting everything in that place – usually so that we can sit down.

The novelty of the house has not worn off but last night I stopped unpacking at 9:30 and this morning, when I went out to the van to get “that last couple of boxes”, I found three more boxes of books to go on an already full bookshelf and two large boxes of clothes and bedding and kitchen apparel and such randomness I don’t care to mention.

I planned to quickly unpack those things and go out for a run before doing anything with the rest of the day. By the time I’d unpacked I was too hungry for running so I set out to the other house to eat lunch there and figure out what other items I’d need to buy from the supermarket to make lemon drizzle cake.

Well, on the way to the house I popped into one retail area to get a freezer and walked out with two mirrors and some cleaning solution. I stopped in to buy wool to make Christmas presents and walked out empty handed and I stopped at Meadowhall to pay in the stash of cash my colleagues donated to help me buy a freezer for the new house.

Well, there’s a Lakeland plastics next door to the Santander and when starting a new job one gets the urge to try on lots of boots. I ventured into a couple of department stores to look at appliances but they’re all full of Christmas chintz so time was well and truly wasted. I ate some lunch before a final spin around B&Q to tick off cheap paper lamp shades and some random garden stuff.

At the house I threw random collections of stuff into randomly sized boxes and emptied the garage of most of the tools as a favour to TSK to bring him something for his fixie. Vanu only part loaded – really… but it feels like 90% of the stuff is gone from the old house. There’s a dishwasher full of crockery – some of which is ours and some of which gets put away and left, some bikes which are less loved than they should be and bits and bobs. I headed home via one last retail park off to see if they had any chest freezers in stock. Success! This one turned the whole day around. 90% of my shopping list is complete and tomorrow should well be my own.

I spent the journey home thinking of going for a run this evening but the rash of rain which has fallen and the fatigue in my legs is quite daunted by the multiple trips up the stairs to finish this final bit of unpacking. I find the sofa under layers of stuff and flop down to enjoy some fruit squash. At least I feel like I’ve achieved something today, even if my winter training is on hold for just one more little while.

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