Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Project Overseas

This is why I'm never going to be in any way a successful Triathlete. I'll become a better one over time but I'll always drop it or that tasty project that comes up. Until those projects stop being quite so tasty, I'll always drop Triathlon for them.

It's simple really. I like nice stuff. My family isn't rich so I have to really earn the money it takes to stay alive and buy expensive kit. In that priority order. Occasionally I spend money on other stuff.

The only way I can see things going the other way is when the amazing projects run out and this one has to be the best, most amazing, most unlikely project ever. Maybe after this one is completed, my life, my triathlon and I can get to know eachother properly.

For now, I'm sitting in Manchester airport 5 days before my next major event, flying half way across Europe, just to turn around and come back again in two days time. It's a brilliant opportuntiy for resting on the plane and a big opportunity to do some swimming and running when I get there but I'm quite sure there will be expectations.

It's started already. I'm never sure wether to tell them that I'm doing a triathlon that they could never even conceive of completing them lazy selves. That I entered this race months ago. I entered Helvellyn almost 12 months ago and have litterally been training for it since, promising that I wouldn't let anything get in the way of it as usual.

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