Saturday, August 06, 2011

Notes on the week

Monday - hauled around the trunce with heavy legs and still managed just over 40 minutes - 40:28
Tuesday - first rest day since 28th July. Vanu all the way.
Wednesday - serious swim session at Ponds Forge. Appart from a cramp break, the swimming felt amazing. Always good to do swimming when rested.
Thursday - What's that - another rest day?
Friday - Sluggish bike to work, slightly less sluggish lunchtime hillclimb run, ride home nothing to write home about - neither sluggish nor kicking.

In general, hoping that the sluggishness starts to die down with the previous form of the end of July coming to the front in time for raceday.

Must be careful not to overdo the resting with holiday on the horizon. Must be careful not to overdo the training before the big day and peak too early. New project at work will be challenging so need to make sure I'm getting plenty of training - and rest - around it.

I feel this is my opportunity to slightly adjust parameters in my life. To be more effective and managing work and play instead of lurching from one to the other with more co-ordination. I hope I can come back from Cadarache a better person and not just a duller one.

The fact that last time I wrote anything really positive about work was September 2009 is a little sorry so I very much hope things are on the up.

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