Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A quick swim

I got out of bed at a normal time. I had a normal breakfast and did some knitting whilst drinking coffee.

I felt like more than a bike ride so I stuffed my swimming stuff in my paniers and set off for a last-minute swim.

I arrived at the pool at 8:15 and was in the water by 8:30.

I did indeed set off on a quick swim. Had a brief rest at 20 laps which was very needed.

The next ten laps went well. With only one other lady in my lane it was very relaxed.

The last ten laps were heavenly. No one else was alongside. Swiming was beautifully clear. Every stroke I watched my fingers reach ahead of me then sweep through the water. It was beautiful.

I jumped out of the water at 8:45, showered and got to work at 9:30.

I can go swiming without getting up at 6am.

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