Sunday, February 01, 2009


Two trips to the gym on Thursday after I blogplained about being sick. 51 lengths of the pool (possibly a made-up number because I lost count) in the early afternoon, circuit training in the evening. It was my first attendance at circuit training. One minute of activity at each station before a lap of the room and onto the next bit of kit. As ever, I found push-ups difficult but that was nothing compared to skipping. Bloddy hell! When did I grow up and lose the ability to skip?

On Friday morning I was wasted but figured I better haul my ass into work since I went to the gym twice on Thursday. I lasted the day and completed the one very important activity. I wrote a letter to personnel who hastled me to sign-up to a job it took them a month to offer me and three months to confirm the payrise on (it was measly). I'm now annoyed I accepted the job and anxious about writing the letter.

Half of me wants to start job hunting. The other half wants to kick ass at the new job and show 'em all. But that would be so much effort...

Saturday - now Saturday saw the house turned upside down and reassembled as a haven of laundry-free, DIY-free, ski-ing-paraphenalia-free, I-can-open-the-door-to-every-room tranquility and this morning I finally finished tiling the last of the kitchen floor (just the bits around the edge to finish).

There is room to breathe.

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