Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Two weeks ago I wrote this.

In those last two weeks I have, in addition, done a tender for a job in London which I was so convinced I would get, I went flat-hunting the next day.

Subsequently, I did not get that job so the status quo remains.

25/5/08 - Frustration caused by not knowing what I will be doing from one month to the next and then also, not wanting to continue doing the same thing is driving me mad and I am feeling steadily worse. Andrew is being very understanding and incredibly supportive despite the times when I smile at him with a whithering grin or walk away from his foolery when normally I would join in. Today we made our first move towards selling Woot Bass, the little house that brought us so much joy and permanence for such a short period of time. It's OK. It no longer feels like my little house and I will find it difficult to get used to that furniture being mine again.

Being back in Wiltshire, in the country, has rejuvinated me somewhat. I only wish I could afford to live here and be in the hubbub of the south. Faced with the prospect of a new house we are dreaming of renovations and gardens. A book Andrew has borrowed fell into my hands and I have already begun planning what veg we will have in our raised beds.

That has inspired me to start journalling again.
And at that point, I stopped again. Tommorrow I am going back to Wiltshire to put aforementioned Woot Bass into the paws of a useless Estate Agent.

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Just a Girl said...

You're sounding positively angsty and that's just not you.

Anything open up yet?