Sunday, August 21, 2016

Positive Anxieties?

Morning running tale Rain, heavy nettles and mud Ouchy midriff fail

I woke up at 4am, worrying that the car had no insurance for its impending trip to Europe.

Got up and ate a banana, hoping I'd fall asleep again but it was no good. Thankfully, work laptop was at home so I logged on, put my mind at rest and set about going back to bed.

Then I started worrying about getting all my kit on my bike for the trip. It all worked last week and I had spare space left in a backpack for dry / clean clothes but since then I've made a long mental list of additional bits to take and now I'm not sure if it will all go. A lot of little things mounts up to more bags. I also received some new kit yesterday which should prove to be more robust than the Restrap stuff I bought initially. That keeps dropping bits - mainly into my wheel - not good!

I got out of bed again at 5am. I still didn't manage to run yesterday so I decided I would run now. It's the best way to ease anxiety - it really is. I've found this when I've been away with work. There's nothing like a sleepless night followed by a 3am run - or staying up late and having a 2am run before bed time. Nothing like it at all.

So I dressed in warm-ish running gear and ate some cereal, fed the cats (I was actually up before the cats got in!!!) and set off up the hill in the rain wearing a thin wind-proof to keep the chill of the rain off. It was insufficient to keep the rain out but I didn't want to get too hot.

By the time I reached the top of the Rivelin Valley, the rain had stopped and I wore my coat open to dry it before stripping it off, bundling it in my palm and running the rest of the run without.

How far? I kept going till I got fed up then turned around and went back. So I turned around at about 4 miles, dithered a little and then ran it back. I put on a burst of speed for the downhill which left me doubled-over trying to manage my digesting breakfast and breathe at the same time. Once I felt better, I did a fast run along the river, just enjoying the flow. When I reached the Rivelin Road, I decided to take a fast turn down the road - since there was still virtually no traffic on the road yet.

Bliss, fast, quiet - being suddenly away from the gurgling noises of the river. 7 miles in total so I treated myself to a walk up the hill.

I got home at 8am and made coffee. What a brilliant start to the day. Why don't I do this more often? (because I hate the bit I always forget about - the bit in the middle where I can't decide which path to take because I'm so bloody tired and I just wish everyone would go away.

Still, maybe another time huh?

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