Sunday, April 03, 2016

All of the things

All flavours of hell have gone down today. I set off for a 55mile ride and did intervals on the flat sections like I was out for a 25mile time trial. I finished at 60 miles all spent and crippled and not sure if I could walk, never mind run the last session of the week, a 12 mile run.

I started off with a plan to do the valley's base only but was enjoying it so much I made it to 5 miles and Wyming Brook.

From there it was amazingly beautiful. There were so few people and I just melded into the woods. Startled a tawny owl. Watched the sun slide behind the hill into the earth, drank from streams, washed my face, walked the tree roots, flowed through the trees. Much as I loved being alone, everyone that I saw was so happy in the evening birdsong.

I know not what damage I might have done to myself as I walked in the door and dropped to my knees under the dining table. The bad odour was not just me. The cat eyed me suspiciously as she tried to finish her dinner.

I might not have followed the instructions for ironman yet again today but quite frankly I don't care.

That was one hell of a day.

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