Saturday, February 20, 2016

"The End of Training Week 3" - add your own punctuation because this works on many levels

Week 1 of my training plan was spent recovering from the virus that struck down most people over the Christmas period and tailed with me through to the end of January.

Week 2 was accidentally spent gadding about in Italy on planks.  For me it was the perfect start to a training plan.  It was the break I didn't really have between the 'cross nationals and triathlon training starting and it was a week of high altitude training over various distances and intensities coupled with fine food and plenty a relaxing good wine.

Week 3 started really well with a pool session.  I didn't know how far I was supposed to go as I haven't yet got into the habit of checking the training plan to see (must work on that) so I swam a mile to see how I did.  After all, if I get that call for Portugal in May, I'm damn well going to go. 37 minutes - not so bad for a first attempt of the year but it turns out I only really should have done 1200m.  I was careful to only do my 45 minutes cycling in the evening on the comfort of my rollers, in the kitchen.

On Tuesday I opted for the run to work - 6 miles run.  Day two training in the bag.  Except I got to the tram stop at the staduim and realised I'd done my 6 miles.  There were still 2 to go to get to work and I couldn't be bothered waiting around the tram stop in the cold so I ran the last two miles too.  Oh well, that would substitute for my Saturday run, surely.

On Wednesday, I knew I was going away so I decided to capitalise on the opportunity for a free swim in my own pool instead of hunting out a strange pool with different opening times which costs money and (if it's Guildford), keeps the £1 locker fee... annoying when you're a forgetful lump.

Finally, I stick to the plan and swim only 1200m although the 8 x 3 lap sets are tough and I find it difficult to get through the last steady 10.  The shower is very welcome.  The drive to Surrey that afternoon is less than easy and although I turn to go out on my bike in the rain for 45 minutes after my 10pm after-dinner, I find that I don't have the key to the bike lock that's securing Phoenix in the back of the gojimobile.

I have to haul ass out of bed in the morning and run on those tired legs.

It was grey and when I woke up 5 minutes before the alarm, so was my mood.  All I could find to photograph was this barn and some soggy ponies. It was the kind of run that is only good for justifying the shower afterwards and that was soooo good.

As the day went on I sank deeper and deeper into flu symptoms so while I am unhappy to be unwell again, at least there was a reason for my crapness and I had a kind grad student to drive me home.

As I hadn't had a rest day this week, it left me Friday to do nothing.  Sweet sweet bliss - and well timed.  I had to make time for the Yorkshire Cyclo-cross prize presentation.

Would I have been ill if I'd listened to the training plan on Monday - potentially.  With all the stuff going on at work I didn't need the extra stress of extra training but it's done now and I know I can deal with the plan's contents for now - so long as I get back to it recovered in a reasonable length of time.

Just another week to get through next week... then 17 more to go.

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