Saturday, March 01, 2014

February Look-back

It's been a tough month, February.  The training plan started to great enthusiasm but was soon drifting due to work commitments, fatigue and general apathy for life.

Week 1 was w/c15th Feb where I largely spent a lot of time organising myself and others for a computer switch-over AND a full-time training course (part 1 of 3) in week 2.

Thankfully, the whole thing ended on 27th Feb with an evening in the Rivelin valley which took me from a flat 5mile in 1 hour blundering wreck on 14th Feb to setting off for a fast 5 miler with 95m of extra climbing and nailing it with only 7 more minutes this week , "Grinning like an eejit... when running turns good"

Last weekend also saw the return to the track for me and the first time for Mr R.  We both walked away enthusiastic to return, but whether we will or not is another matter.  I attempted to justify it with the justification for buying a new TT / Track bike.  We're sitting on that one until the bonus comes through.

It wasn't such an epic ride, being a taster session, which is a shame because I spent most of the weekend saving myself for it - a whole day crunchim pointless sports data on Saturday and a whole day watching the olympics with the Sunday.  I did slothenly drag myself through a 7.7 mile run but that's not nearly the 10 miles I was aiming for.  The fact that I sprinted the last few miles, hoping that my head torch wouldn't run out, proves just how much nothing I did with the rest of the day.  I was clearly confused between the Olympic ski-ing and the cycling Tour of Oman.

1st February was the first run I actually did on my own as a focused attack on the hill climbing demands of the Celtman.  It was hilly, suitably weathered and ended in a cafe - the best kind.

It's only been 16th that I've managed a proper ride - 27 miles - no more - and desperately pained after a comparitively short swim on the Saturday. I always have to be careful not to ignore my bike since it's my best friend and best discipline.  It's like an unconditional kind of love.

So that Swimming thing that's taken all my time and energy.  That's given me my shoulder pain... or is it the cycling?

February Stats

Swim: 9.9km 2.9 kph. Compares to last month 7km 2.8kph. Compares to last year 8.7km 2.3kph.
Bike: 164.67 mile 9.6mph 1599m. Compares to last month: 136.09 mile 13mph 542m. Compares to last year: 190.6 mile 10.5 mph, 3370 m.
Run: 41.65 miles, 4.9 mph, 1646 m el.  Compares to last month: 44.67 miles, 4.95 mph, 1303m elCompares to last year: 36.93 miles, 5.3 mph, 640m el.

Percentages complete: 55%
Week -2: 28%
Week -1: 67%
Week +1: 86%
Week +2: 82%
Week +3: 83%

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