Thursday, July 04, 2013

The recovery

Has gone like this:

Week 1 - driving every day.  Limping everywhere.  Life a blurr.

Weekend 1 - trying to move around more with Rother Valley swim-sitting and helping organising at the Hilly.  Spend Saturday night till 2 am trying to figure out how to get all my strength and speed training in before the 3 Peaks cyclo-cross.

Week 2 - Monday - ride to Rotherham for training course.  Still falling asleep at work at 2:30pm.  Wobble home slowly on the bike. Still got a sore calf.

Week 2 - Tuesday - ride to Rotherham for training course.  Now falling asleep at work at 12:30pm.  Eating like a horse.  At least my heel is starting to lift of the ground as the calf regains some of its motion.  Feet feel strong again.

Week 3 - Wednesday - ride to Brinsworth.  Attack some of the hills and traffic lights with mini sprints as I feel good and want to try the effects of cryotherapy.  The cryo is good and leaves me with tingly skin but the calf hurts more for the rest of the afternoon.  Wobble home on the bike but jump on the back of a couple of busses and passing cyclists to minimise the wind damage.  Back to being a little imobile this evening.   I don't fall asleep at work but I'm a bit switched off and ready for bed by 8:30pm.

I'm a little upset I didn't get a photo of the shorts, wooly socks, crocks and knee bandages!   Not to mention the wooly hats and facemasks.  Cryo ain't glamorous.
Good news is, I've ordered a new bike and solicitor has been instructed to move us on the 11th July.  Fingers crossed it will all happen.

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