Sunday, March 11, 2012

This year so far summary.

Not taking a poke at the new job, for once, my bike stats for November, December, January & February look pretty healthy this year, despite many of the bike rides being done in short 8km bursts.

TSK did a lot to bolster my confidence yesterday saying he needed to try to keep up with me and not just potter along behind.  Sure enough, at Christmas I climbed Froggat in 27:13.  Yesterday I did it in 26:04.

I need to find space in my life to fit in swims and runs.  Leeds is not an inspiring place.  The pool is too far away from the office and described in google comments as, "disgusting" and the only nice run is along the canal - so pretty flat and it runs out too soon.  So it's either going to need to be Sheffield early in the morning or late in the evening. As I'm usually getting home late in the evening - I suppose, early mornings it is.  This might be hard.

Still, after this weekend, I am hoping we will be back to full on enjoyment of both days in the weekend instead of sheltering in a pokey house avoiding whatever weathery nasties are outside.

Planning to extend my fell race this morning with some extra distance in the afternoon.  Let's see how that goes shall we?

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