Monday, April 19, 2010

Going home

lt has been great fun coming back to Sheffield. The day started late and badly with a flat as bad as the attitude of the agent that showed me around.
He redeemed himself a small ammount at the next flat - once I finally persuaded him to go. It was lovely but no parking and at the end of the high-street so not even worth me asking the cat question.
Now... the cat flat... that ruled. No concerns except
· How to efficiently get a washing machine down 12 steep concrete steps?
· Can I cope with the lovely view?
· Did I just like it because I was hungry & wanted my lunch?
· Can I persuade them to accept lower rent?
· Can I face looking anymore?
I went for a curry to ponder these and other questions then I walked into town and experienced the delight of discovering a John Lewis, a new fountain / shiny hotels / sculpture area, a wooden hippo, the Nero and a skate park. I walked down Mappin Street and sat on the steps outside the department for a long time thinking about what engineering means to me.
I could find nothing but excitement, pride, anticipation and just a little bit of fear as the sun set behind the arts tower in its refurbishment cloak.
I finished off with a drive around Broomhill, Fulwood & Eccleshall Road to remind myself why I'm here & where I want to be in the end. I stopped myself short of a drive into the peaks - because that would've been indulgent - instead, heading back to a quiet hostel & discussing the day's findings with Andrew.

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