Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The waiting game

After two weeks of worrying about my job I was exhausted so I resolved to get on with it and compartmentalise. So I have been training and am just back from a lovely weekend in Wales. OK. It was a weekend in Wales. I got really wet. But TSK and I had fun and snuggled in the Vanu as the rain came down.

Every so often I do a little job hunting just to be on the safe side.

As a pretty respectable member of staff and one who has always seemed to have been quite responsible, valuable and amiable, I feel safe but there's this one chap who has ideas for something big. Something I can't be bothered with. One of these management gurus who puts all his trust in psychometric testing and strategy meetings and things that I generally consider to be a pile of the proverbial bovine stinky stuff. I can't read him, no one can so every so often I leave work at 4, I head home and I job hunt.

And today, a recruitment consultant phoned me back within 1 minute of me hitting the send button. I am tempted by interesting prospects and a move back to the home land, to the real hills of the lakes and the welsh mountains, of Hollyoaks country and IMC and of proper mechanical engineering without any of the civils outsider feelings that accompany my current place of work.

Written French would be a benefit. Mon dieu, je crois que je serai contente.

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Anonymous said...

Am sure you'll be OK - newly chartered and all. Don't let the kiss ass strategy guru wind you up - he/she won't fool anyone - and you're an engineer who gets the job done and earns the fees...and they know it.