Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dunwich Dynamo

It was 2 or three weeks ago now. TSK stayed in bed most of the day whilst I drove to Wisbech to pick up wood for refurbishments to the Vanu. Wisbech involved passing through peterborough and I discovered that my love for Peterborough extends to now knowing the quick route through it when you're in a rush to get to Wisbech and Rainbow Camper Conversions.

From Wisbech I drove through the heart of East Anglia and onto Dunwich on the East coast. The drive was lovely. Nice to be there in the sunshine with the corn ripening and the ditches full of slowly moving water being enjoyed by families with canoes.

In Dunwich at 8pm I camped and tucked into a full hamper of beer I'd stashed for TSK's friends in the morning.

I cooked and ate dinner then walked along the beach to Dunwich village.

The waves were beautiful, despite Hinkley Point in the distance. The soft noise only interupted by children on the cliff, who eventually gave up trying to attract my attention. A fisherman's soggy dog tried to talk but was called away. In contrast, a group of lads sent their doberman over to "chat up the lady" but were dismayed when I told them their dog was cute but they stood little hope since I was waiting for my boyfriend to ride up from London.

The sun was setting as I arrived at the village

By the time I was part way home along the road, the sun was set and so the deer hardly saw me as I passed in the woods leading back to the campsite. He could smell me though (8 hours driving a van) and we stood and stared at eachother through the darkness before a twat in a range=rover scared him off.

I slept reasonably well in the van, despite having done nothing with my day except shop and drive. I did wake at 4 am, wishing to get rid of some of the beer I'd consumed and decided to take a drive down to the beach to wait for TSK to arrive. As I looked over the break-water, the sun was re-appearing over the ocean so I popped back to the van to get my chair and sat and watched her rise as cyclists began to queue for the café behind me.

TSK returned to me 2 hours later. Happy and bouncy. Things were looking good for the 600 in a weeks time.

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