Saturday, November 10, 2007


Last weekend, the Eastern Ladies' A-team took a bronze medal in the Inter-Area Cyclo-cross champtionships. Shame I was the B-team but there you go. I'm happy for the others. I waited around to see them get their medals and instead they gave it to London in error, then sent everyone home because they couldn't figure out the other results at all.

This Saturday I have spent all day writhing around under the vanu getting covered in black, sticky engine oil as I embarked on my first solo oil and filter change.

Quite humorously I purchased a torque-wrench with the intention of ensuring the sump plug is tightly fastened to the correct torque so oil does not leak out later. I then used said torque wrench as a hammer to unfasten the tightened sump plug since the garage had done it up too bloody tight to unfasten whilst lying on my side in the road.

A job well done by 3, I took the vanu out for a spin to dispose of the waste oil. Getting Halfords confused with Canadian tyre, the waste oil is still in the back of the van but at least we had no catastrophes. I hope, in the rush to get to Colchester tomorrow for racing, I don't find the vanu standing in a pool of oil in the morning.

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Silver Lining said...

Well done, you!