Sunday, April 15, 2007

Belated Easter Weekend Notes


It was sunny - the whole time.

We cycled on average 50 miles a day - max 55, min 45.

We averaged 10mph.

We were only forced to B&B one night because the campsite we were aiming for was closed for renovation. We can strongly recommend "The Philosopher's Tipple" in Caldecot.

The "Skirrid Inn" just north of Monmouth serves a number of very fine pints. It is also the oldest pub in Wales and allegedly the most haunted.

Quiet country lanes all the way except for the occasional foray into cities like Gloucester, Monmouth and Abergaveny.

Tourist information were really helpful - when we found them open.

The whole trip was done under manpower alone. Apart from the satisfaction of avoiding any potential traffic, not polluting the environment and not being at the mercy of unscrupulous public transport companies, we really enjoyed the fact that the moment we left our front driveway on the bikes we were already on holiday. There was no "getting there" or "getting back" to be done.

Miles cycled in April: 257 already.
Next target: 200km ride on 29th April in Bedford.

Downside to the perfect life: Moving away from TSK for another week in the Flatlands.

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