Friday, March 30, 2007

Stunted blogging

Easter is coming and that involves planning... trips to south wales

First there's a trip to the Fens for a week working for the new client. Hopefully blogspace will not be left behind. Tonight we are being seen-off by colleagues with a big Italian meal. Yay for pasta!

There are so many maps to buy.

Then there's the vanu to pick up. They have discovered the full service history - I knew we were right to buy that one. It will not be used for Easter weekend because I don't want to be stuck in traffic with all those other muppets. I will be used for extensive garden-shed-buying the week after.

A big Ahhh please for Uncle Tom who accidentally wiped his hard drive last week. A bigger Ahhh for my cuz who had 3 university essays to rewrite in as many days. He will take one lesson with him from college... never rely on dad's technology.

Miles cycled in March: 253

1 comment:

Just a Girl said...

I think my head would explode if I lost 3 essays.
Backup people!