Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sleeping around in Blog-space & BC Drivers

Opera is being dirty and unreliable, giving me bad connections. So whilst I bed-hop with other blog hosts, I'm back here for now.

I know I haven't run for a long time but I didn't think I'd have to actually blow the dust off my running shoes. OK, it's a dusty office that I work in, so it's not SO long since I ran. I still managed to get up to the railway cutting - allegedly a respectable 5.95km, though I expect it's more like 5km or a bit less.

I seem to work better at this training lark if I give myself NO rest days (but perhaps the odd walking lunch instead of all-out day-in-day-out training would be more respectable.

Last night I went seriously sideways on my bike - actually dropping it into the road (thankfully there was a left hand camber so the bike wheels ended up in the road and I ended up on the gravel). No damage done. I was, however, disturbed by the slippiness of the road so I rode with a foot out at 7kmph (murder on the averages) all the way to the house. Coming down a hill in the car-tyre-tracks (not icy) instead of the cyclist's position (frozen snow / ice) with my foot out, a car behind me just had to beep. With the bus oncoming and gravity on my side, there was no way I was attempting any manoevres / stoppages / steering. As the car passed, I was so angry I yelled. I can't remember how I opened my yelling but it finished with, "What? Would you rather have me die?".

At the next hill climb, the car was stopped, waiting. A head was poking out the window. My heart was thumping and I was ready for a fight.

A pretty lady leaned out the window and said, "Hi. I just wanted you to know, that I wasn't beeping because I was mad at you. I wanted you to know that I couldn't stop"

Me thinking: "Thanks, great. My problem, your fault."

She was so distressed though, that she'd hurt my feelings and been in any way anti-cyclist. We sympathised with eachother about the horrible conditions and I stepped out of the road to let her set off - because I couldn't actually get enough purchase on the ice to start riding again till I got to the top of the hill.

So weird, so wonderful.

Then some ***t in an SUV passed me at 90kph with no room to spare and my goodwill was gone. Still, one person with good intention is better than none with any clue.


Tanya said...

They really need to invent different horn tunes don't they so we can figure out the driver intention :) Just today someone beepedy-beepedy-beeped me and it did occur to me perhaps their brakes weren't working or some other such thing, but seeing as the roads here now are completely clear (7C) I figured it was just an impatient arse trying to pass a left turning car on the right at full speed, so I gave him a one-fingered wave instead.

Lauren said...

Wow. That was so nice of that lady. I wish all people were that nice! Glad to hear you weren't hurt.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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